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Sylvanian Families Elephant Family of 3 Figures

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In his spare time, Father Mitchell Ellwoods enjoys sleeping. He does not always realise that he is snoring until it is too late! Mitchell enjoys growing his own strawberries, and he looks forward to attending to their daily needs of watering and monitoring their development. When he is not dozing off, Mitchell can be seen tending to his plants.
Mother Rianne Ellwoods is always in need of food. Because she is so active and works out on a consistent basis, she naturally has a very healthy appetite.
Baby Hilton Ellwoods is known to exclaim, "Try everything, go everywhere!" on a regular basis. He has a highly daring spirit and really wants to imitate his parents in whatever they do. Hilton is a pretty busy little toddler, and one of his favourite activities is playing tag. Rianne, his mother, must have passed on her good looks to him. 

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  • Size: 5.7 x 17 x 15.2 cm
  • MPN: L5376
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