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Sylvanian Families Polar Bear Family of 3 Figures

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The Polar Bear Family is a three-piece set that includes the Polar Bear Father, the Polar Bear Mother, and the infant. The heads, hands, and feet of the figurines are all movable, giving the figures the ability to assume a variety of varied positions. 
Father likes fishing. Before beginning fishing in each given season, he makes it a habit to do in-depth study on the many species of fish that may be caught in that particular season. On land, Mother Maya is a sluggish runner, but when she's in the water, she can swim quite rapidly. Egg dishes are among of her specialties in the kitchen.
Young Yana despises the feeling of being chilly. She is always following her father around everywhere he goes.

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  • Size: 5.7 x 17 x 15.2 cm
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