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Sylvanian Families Toy Poodle Family of 4 Figures

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Frank is an athlete who performs well. He is quite kind to others when it comes to his interest and often engages the youngsters in the village in games of catch or soccer on the weekends. The youngsters think that Frank has amazing style no matter what he's wearing; whether he's dressed for work or for play, the kids think he looks good in whatever he's wearing.
Veronica is in charge of all of the bakery's pastries at the Village Cake Shop. Everyone in the community adores her gorgeous cakes, which sometimes have embellishments that resemble precious stones. Her cake business is the destination of choice for the inhabitants of the village whenever a birthday or other significant event is approaching.
Eric is at the top of his class at school and is excellent at assisting his buddies if they are unsure about anything they are learning. Everyone else turns to him for assistance since he is so good at explaining things in a way that can be easily comprehended by others. However, there are occasions when he shows an excessive concern about his grades.
Melinda is the kind of person that is easy to talk to and quickly makes friends. Baking is one of her favourite hobbies, and once, while her mother was trying out a new recipe, she decided to throw a tea party for all of the kids in the family.

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