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Top Trumps Cars 3 Card Game

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To celebrate the release of the most popular Cars film to date, Top Trumps is now available for purchase. As well as a plethora of turbo-charged statistics from the film, the Cars 3 Top Trumps deck includes all of your favourite characters from the movie. Utilizing these unique facts, you can take advantage of each car's strengths and avoid its flaws in order to beat your competitors to the finish line in the shortest amount of time possible.

You may find many more entertaining Top Trumps games in the whole Maqio Toys collection. A theme deck of cards features vehicles, aeroplanes, books, boats, dinosaurs, or characters from famous films or TV shows. There are numerical statistics on each card in the pack. In a car-themed pack, each card depicts a distinct model, including facts and statistics such as engine size, weight, length, and peak speed. If the topic is a TV show or movie, the cards feature characters and facts ranging from strength and courage to fashion and attractiveness.

The players are handed all the cards. There must be two players and one card each player. The beginning player (usually the dealer's left) chooses a category and reads its value. The other players then read the same category's value from their cards. The winner of the "trick" takes all the cards from the trick and sets them at the bottom of their pile. The winner then picks the following round's category from their new topmost card.

In the case of a draw, the cards are put in the middle, and the same player chooses a new category from the following card. Winner gets all cards in centre, plus top card from each player. Players lose their last card, and the winner gets the complete pack. Some rules enable a player with just three cards left to select which of their three cards to play with. This usually extends the game.

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  • Ages: 3+
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