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Top Trumps Horrible Histories Card Game

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Horrible Histories Top Trumps contains the most heinous, vile, lethal, and horrible people that history has to offer! Is Vlad The Impaler aware of the situation? Is Blackbeard up to the task? Or will you be executed by Henry VIII? Discover who is the most heinous of them all!
A fun instructive card game that brings history's most heinous incidents to life. Play Top Trumps whenever, anywhere, and with as many people as you like. In this episode of Top Trumps - Horrible Histories, learn who died more horribly, King Henry VIII or Adolf Hitler, and the year Cleopatra VII was born. Because of the easy-to-carry plastic casing, there are no restrictions on playtime. Prepare to outwit your opponents, learn new and intriguing information, and battle your way to the top of the Trump leaderboard.

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