Top Trumps Wonders of the World Card Game

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We've combed the world for the best Wonders of the World Top Trumps, from magnificent canyons to raging waterfalls! The world's most hazardous volcano (hot stuff), a massive South American glacier (very awesome), and the only living creature visible from space (hint: it's not a sumo wrestler) are among the thirty most beautiful and awe-inspiring sights on Planet Earth. Answer the questions on the cards and unravel the code in this pack's Treasure Hunt bonus game. Do you know what the name of the tallest peak in the planet is? We did it, and we left a couple packs of Top Trumps at the summit for the future travellers to discover. What about the hottest desert on the planet? We slathered on the sunscreen and stayed for a few weeks just to be sure. Where should you go to see the Northern Lights? It's now safe to say that it's not Blackpool. What is the distance from Earth to the Moon? That's when our supersonic tape measure came in helpful. The world is an amazing place, so what are you waiting for? Get this bundle today and start impressing your friends with your incredible Top Trumps knowledge.

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  • Ages: 3+
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