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Transformers Retro Headmaster Generations Action Figure - Weirdwolf

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Discover the personalities who set the stage for everything. With figure style, packaging, and art inspired by the 1987 G1 releases, as well as historic tech specifications and accessories from the original G1, this Transformers Retro Headmaster Weirdwolf figure is a faithful recreation of the original G1 edition.

With this Weirdwolf 5.5-inch figurine, you can kickstart your vintage Transformers collection. Weirdwolf is a harsh and violent Decepticon, although he was created with a few wires crossed during the construction process. "I will destroy the Autobots," he says to himself in a strange, sing-song backward voice. "I'll shred them to pieces like scrap metal." His binary-bonded mate is Monxo, a former professional hyperwrestler who went on to operate a nightclub in the underground. With 17 stages, you can transform this Weirdwolf figure from robot to wolf mode. It also comes with an adjustable wolf mouth. The head of the Weirdwolf figure transforms into the Headmaster Trainer Monxo figure. A blaster and a sword are included with the package.

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