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Uno Dare Card Game New Kids Childrens Card Game

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by Uno

While playing the game of matching colours and numbers, you must decide whether to draw more cards or accept a dare in the well-known race to scream UNO. There are three types of dare cards: Family, Show-Off, and Daredevil, each containing 16 challenges. You can wind yourself standing on one foot, chatting like a pirate till your time comes around, or even showing off your dancing talents. Even a blank card is included so you may create your own dares. 
Which is more dangerous: taking a reckless gambit or getting more cards? When you play this new UNO game, you'll find out. And remember to shout UNO, even if you have to do it in a pirate-like manner, matey. 112 playing cards and instructions are included.

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  • Size: 2 x 14.6 x 9.4 cm
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