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Wild Science Zombie Blood and Guts Workshop

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Make your own gory zombie eyes and pickle them in the supplied science lab test tubes! and make your own zombie blood clots, which you may store in zombie corpse bags. Get down and booger with explosive zombie snot, squeeze out glugging green zombie intestines, produce zombie blood drops, and wiggle out some slimy worms and maggots in this zombie-themed game. Make your own zombie fart putty by adding squelching squeaking sound effects. Our assortment of burping zombie boogers, shimmering wavering, slippery slime, and putties for all occasions will astound you! 2 beakers, spoon, goggles, mask, gloves, pipettes, Alginate jar, 1 x 2g Sodium Alginate powder, 1 x 5g Calcium Chloride solution, dish, sticks, jar, ziplock bags, sticker, red food colourant, green food colourant, and colour illustrated guide Everything you'll need to make safe chemical creations is included.

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