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Wizarding World Enchanting Hedwig Interactive Harry Potter Owl

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Recreate your favourite Harry Potter scenarios with Enchanting Hedwig from the Wizarding World! Enchanting Hedwig, the legendary Harry Potter bird, comes to life with over 15 lifelike noises and motions and incredibly soft plush material. Take Hedwig down from her perch and explore all of her amazing characteristics. Hedwig enjoys being a pet! She can tell which direction you're touching her thanks to "ruffle detection." Pet her from front to back for love chirps and head movements — she doesn't enjoy having her feathers ruffled backwards and will let you know! When she's delighted, she'll playfully nip on your finger in her beak!
Enchanting Hedwig detects your tone of voice as well. When you talk softly and gently, she will answer with a hoot to indicate you that she is paying attention. If you talk too loudly, she will retaliate with her own loud noises! Return Hedwig to her perch and send a personal note to a friend. Insert your letter inside the Hogwarts envelope and assist Hedwig in delivering it!
She has the envelope in her mouth and will only gladly give it to the appropriate person if she is given a secret interactive code - stroke her head three times and Hedwig will let go of the mail! To keep Hedwig happy, continue to pet and comb her. Then, give a fresh message and repeat the process!
This 9-inch Enchanting Hedwig owl toy will spark your creativity via fun and thrilling pretend play thanks to its numerous intriguing features. This interactive Hedwig plush owl is an ideal Harry Potter gift for children aged 5 and above. Bring home your very own Enchanting Hedwig from the Wizarding World and experience the enchantment of Harry Potter!

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