Best 8 Indoor Activities You Can Do With Your Kids

Best 8 Indoor Activities You Can Do With Your Kids

Best 8 Indoor Activities You Can Do With Your Kids

Either due to rainy days, terrible UK weather, or COVID-19, sometimes, you and your family get stuck at home. For the first couple of weeks, everything seems interesting and there are a lot of indoor activities you can do with your family. However, the little ones start to feel bored afterward, and all the toys and indoor attractions are not that appealing to them anymore. As a parent, does this sound familiar to you?

Don't worry. We've got you covered with fun and great ideas for indoor activities which you can do together with your child or even toddlers. Keep your family busy and have enjoyable days of being indoors.


1. Fun indoor DIY activity - Make your own necklace and bracelet:

Why not make unique necklaces and bracelets? This DIY kit includes 60 spools of colourful string and everything you need to make up to five Kumi bracelets and two necklaces. Select a bracelet or necklace pattern from the design books or create your own.


2. Keep your little ones busy - Electronic Educational Learning Toy

This engaging little turtle spins around on the floor, popping balls whilst playing music, phrases, and songs that encourage your child to interact and learn. This sensory activity will definitely keep the toddlers to stay busy. 

3. Challenge your children with more a more advanced LEGO set

480 pcs for the Minecraft world will be a great challenge and cool activity for your kids. Using Lego Bricks is the perfect opportunity for building their cooperative skills, increasing their ability to solve the issues, and of course, improve their creativity.

4. How about having a Play-Doh Cake Party with your toddlers?

Play-Doh, without any doubt, is an indoor activity that is perfect for your toddlers. It not only develops fine motor skills, but it also encourages creativity. It is also an awesome tool for teaching your children about counting, and shapes.


5. Boost their imagination by creating their own rainy day stickers

Create stunning and colourful designs with the Gelarti Designer Studio! Your kids are able use the gel-based pens to colour and craft their very own gel arts and stickers. This activity enables them to think outside the box and release their stress.


6. Educational Stickers - Learn about different shapes

Crayola Mini Kids Jumbo Stickers is a huge set of basic shapes stickers that allows young children to simply and freely express themselves. 


7. Drawing and Painting their favourite characters

This activity is great in establishing their concentration, visual analysis. hand-eye coordination, creativity, and problem-solving skill. Your kids will be able to bring their creations to life and will enjoy creating their own art gallery.


8. My kids love to draw on the floor? A mess-free mat is what you need.

Do your kids always follow the rules?  Are there are paintings on your floors and walls? 

Aquadoodle Classic is a lovely large mat that allows young children to develop their drawing skills by using only water. Simply fill the Aquadoodle pen with water and draw on the mat - their doodles appear as if by magic! 


There are many more indoor activities and games which are suitable for your children and family. At Maqio, we have board games, sensory toys, DIY tools, and more for all ages. Browse our great deals today, get inspired, and buy all  so that you are ready to enjoy the indoor fun!