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Fisher-Price Launches “Safe Start” Educational Campaign to Help Parents and Caregivers Provide Safe Care for Babies and Children

Fisher-Price Launches “Safe Start” Educational Campaign to Help Parents and Caregivers Provide Safe Care for Babies and Children

Fisher-Price Launches “Safe Start” Educational Campaign to Help Parents and Caregivers Provide Safe Care for Babies and Children

4th June 2021 - Fisher-Price announced the launch of a Safe Start education campaign focused on engaging parents and caregivers in important conversations regarding the safety, health, and development of babies and children. The education campaign will feature key safety tips, as well as a video series in which experts in infant and child health and development will provide critical information to parents and caregivers on an array of topics – including the safe use of products, appropriate environments for sleep, and the proper use of safety restraints.

“Since its founding over nine decades ago, Fisher-Price has been the most trusted brand for parents and caregivers and safety has been our highest priority,” said Chuck Scothon, General Manager, Fisher-Price. “We continue this commitment with the Safe Start education campaign to help ensure our products are used safely for babies and children throughout all stages of their growth and development.”

Over the coming weeks and months, the Safe Start education campaign will introduce important resources for parents and caregivers including:

1)Safe Start Video Series: Fisher-Price is releasing a series of films about safety, health, and development that will contain professional safety advice. Dr. Laura Jana, Co-Chair of the Fisher-Price Medical and Scientific Safety Council, and Deb Weber, PhD, Director of the Fisher-Price Play Lab, are featured in the films. The videos focus on creating safe sleeping environments for babies, the importance of closely following product instructions and safety labels, the proper use of safety restraints in babies' and children's products, and the importance of transitioning infants from non-sleeping products to sleeping products.

2) Safe Start Resources: Fisher-Price will provide crucial information from experts on crucial safety, health, and development issues via social media and digital content. The Safe Start information may be found at

 Fisher-Price has also established the Medical and Scientific Safety Council (MSSC), an internal advisory council made up of renowned medical experts who meet with internal safety teams on a regular basis to provide professional opinions, advice, and recommendations to Fisher-Price on product safety and proper usage. The MSSC also offers advice on how parents and caregivers can ensure that their children have productive and safe play and sleep environments.

“Fisher-Price is committed to safety, and the MSSC is an essential evidence of that commitment,” says Joseph Vinhais, Senior Vice President, Quality and Safety for Fisher-Price’s parent company Mattel. “We are honoured to have such a distinguished collection of professionals advising us on product safety and assisting us in providing crucial insights and information to our community.” “As a doctor who has spent her career assisting parents in raising happy, healthy children, I am thrilled about the prospect of serving as Co-Chair of Fisher-Price's and Scientific Safety Council,” Dr.Jana stated.

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