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Top Benefits for having Squishies

Top Benefits for having Squishies

Top Benefits for having Squishies

What are they?
Squishes are brightly coloured foam toys that come in a shocking variety of shapes and sizes, from a tiny panda face on a keychain to a giant peach the size of a toddler’s head. Many are scented with bakery-appropriate flavours like strawberry or peaches and cream. As the name suggests, their most important quality is their immensely satisfying texture. Squeezing a squishy is like crushing a loaf of Wonder Bread between your fingers, only to watch it magically re-inflate back to its original form.

The Many Surprising benefits of squishy toys
Based on research carried out, Cute things not only make us happier but also affect our behavior. It is also proven that just by looking at something cute led to better focus on stressful tasks which resulted in more focused attention.

There are many benefits of squishy toys and it’s popularity in teacher’s classrooms, playrooms for kids with autism, ADD or ADHD and in a professional workplace for adults is increasing.
The National Autism Organization  states that. “These types of soft toys and tress balls helps kids with autism or ADHD focus and manage daily stress. Furthermore, it has also been proven that people of all ages who struggle with focus, anger or anxiety management can de-stress with Squishy toys.There are plenty of methods to help kids with ADD, ADHD and autism cope with stress, but squishy toys are the most fun and easy to use as they are like an emergency go-to toy that you can take anywhere you go and thus you child is always only a few squeezes away to a calmer mood and day.

According to Metro’s interview with a psychologist, another huge reason affecting the focus and concentration of kids these days are electronic gadgets. Take away those gadgets, and all you have is a child who finds other activities such as listening to you as boring. But with a squishy toy or fidget spinner as a background stimulus, kids tend to pay attention more and concentrate better.

Surprising benefits of playing with Squishy toys include:

- Boosting Focus, Memory, and Attention
- Managing anxiety and emotional issues
- Relieves stress
- Suited for all ages
- Inexpensive and comes in variety

Squishies are not a replacement for human affection but due to their adorable looks and soft texture, they are remarkably reassuring and this helps many children feel that they have a little piece of home with them in a new place and this helps comfort them.
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