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Top Toys for 1–5-Year-Olds

Top Toys for 1–5-Year-Olds

Top Toys for 1–5-Year-Olds

Finding toys for kids between 1-5 years old can be tricky. Children’s interest can vary so much and it’s hard to keep up with the trends. Here at Maqio, we like to take the hard work out of finding toys for your little ones. So, we have put together a helpful list of the top five toys for children aged between 1-5 years. The toys listed are some of our top sellers for this age range and will not disappoint.

Kinetic Sand Butterfly Garden

Kinetic Sand is great for hands that can’t stop fidgeting, and this butterfly garden put a new spin on this tactile playset. The box doubles as contained butterfly garden with butterfly and flower moulds, a plant pot, watering can and stunning Pink and Purple Kinetic Sand to play with. This set is perfect for any creative child to create their own unique gardens over and over.

Chuckle Ball

The Chuckle Ball by Vivid Imaginations has been a best seller at Maqio for a very long time and we can certainly see why. This electronic ball wiggles and jiggles across the floor while excitedly giggling. The ball is decorated in cute and colourful monsters for a toy that will stimulate your child in many ways.

Among Us Bling Box Figures

There is nothing sussy about these blind boxes. Among Us became an overnight hit in 2020 and the toys figures have carried this trend over into 2021. There are no imposters in our boxes, just colourful crewmates with fun accessories. This is a very new product to Maqio but has quickly become a best seller.

Thomas & Friends Minis 3 Pack

Thomas & Friends is a timeless favourite for many kids. An avid Thomas collector is always looking for new additions and this 3 pack will certainly be that. With contemporary designs for Percy, Ben and Annie. The Thomas fans love the miniseries and the funky redesigns takes it to another level.

Jurassic World Reversible Triceratops Plush

Dinosaurs have always captured the imagination of children, and the Jurassic World movies just reignited that passion for a new generation of kids. This adorable plush triceratops emerges from its egg (reversible) and will warm anyone’s heart with it’s sweet face and soft plush material.

We hope this list has helped you choose a toy for your little one or inspired you for the future. What is your child’s favourite toy? Do you agree with pour top picks? Tell us your thoughts in a comment below.