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Among Us Series 2 is Now Here

Among Us Series 2 is Now Here

Among Us Series 2 is Now Here

The Among Us online game that appealed to both children and adults, swept the globe by storm in the year 2020. The Among Us game is just a basic game of wits and luck. There are jobs for you and your fellow crew members to accomplish on board the ship, but there's a catch. One of you is an impostor! You may cast your vote for the person you believe to be the impostor among us in a group setting when you anyone calls an emergency meeting. If you don’t get it right, you evict the falsely accused crewmate from the ship, and you are left with fewer crewmates and an impostor remaining among you. The game is available to play on Android and Apple phones as well as on PlayStation and XBox.

After the Among Us game was published in 2020, it was followed by a toy line last year. This series has everything you could ask from and an official Among Us collection. Collect all 16 Among Us figurines, including the plague doctor, the Among Us ghost, and more, with the Blind Bags and Blind Boxes available. There were also Keychains in blind bags to collect as well as bigger figurines with unique accessories to customise your crewmate. They're so adorable and fun to collect, the Among Us 30cm plush comes in six different colours and with a variety of accessories. You might even acquire a Purple Among Us impostor in 4 different sizes.

Now Inner sloth and Toikido have launched a completely new Among Us series 2 to acquire! In comparison to the first season, this one is larger, better, and even more entertaining. 16 new crew members are available in Series 2 Blind Bags, including a chef, a bear, a banana peel, and a deceased crew member. There is also an additional chef crew member. The second series of Among Us figurines contains a variety of pack sizes (Among Us 8 Pack, Among Us 5 Pack, Among Us 3 Pack) as well as blind bag Among Us Keychain figures and Among Us Stampers.

Maqio Toys is extremely thrilled to provide the greatest deal on the Among Us series 2 range since we know how much you liked series one. We want to hear what you think the Crewmates from season 2. Playing the free online game is something that many people like doing. Which one of your crewmates is your personal favourite? Have you acquired all the Among Us figurines from series one yet? Please leave your opinions in the area below.

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