Top In Demand Toys and Games Sold at Maqio
Top In Demand Toys and Games

Top In Demand Toys Sold at Maqio

Top In Demand Toys Sold at Maqio

At Maqio Toys we like to stock toys and games that are highly sought after by kids and parents in the UK. In this blog post, we're going to highlight a few in demand toys and games suggestions that are particularly popular right now, guaranteed to provide families and children hours of fun in these tougher times.

Beasts of Balance

Beasts of Balance is a digital tabletop game for all the family that tasks players with stacking animals on a special platform. When connected to the Beasts of Balance app on a smartphone or tablet, your animals will appear in the game!

Beasts of Balance Digital Tabletop Hybrid Stacking Family Game

There are several different modes to try out, allowing you to play at your own pace. There are competitive stacking and battle modes, and also more zen beast creation and chill-out modes.

The app itself features gorgeous stylised 2D art with the beasts having appealing, angular designs. If you're looking for something that's different and innovative, and have a smartphone or tablet lying around, look no further than Beasts of Balance!

Mega Bloks Big Building Bag

Taking care of a young child? Get building with them with this jumbo bag that contains 80 large Mega Bloks pieces! The Mega Bloks Big Building Bag is a great introduction to building toys for creative tykes between the ages of 1 and 5.

Mega Bloks DCH62 Big Building Bag

Parents can help their children build all kinds of interesting architecture with this building bag. It's an excellent toy for little builders who aren't quite old enough for their first LEGO set!

Hot Wheels - Set of 10 Mini Monster Trucks

Hot Wheels die cast vehicles are pretty much always in demand toys, especially considering the swathes of different sets available to collect. While Hot Wheels collections are held by people of all ages, these Mini Monster Trucks are perfect for kids just getting into the brand!

Hot Wheels GBR24 Monster Trucks Series 2 MINIS Set of 10 Vehicles

This set of 10 Mini Monster Trucks has just that: 10 miniature trucks of varying, cool designs. All diecast and all with working wheels, contained in mini packaging which also contains a key inside. Insert this key into the back of the truck, press the button on the side and watch as your truck zooms off! It's perfect for intense drag races between dad and the kids!

Flip a Zoo 2-in-1 Soft Plushes

Want two plushes for the price of one? Technically you can with Flip a Zoos! These nifty soft plush toys depict a cute animal or creature that's wonderfully huggable. However, each plush is reversible, meaning it can transform into a completely different animal by turning it inside out!

Flip a Zoo Purple Unicorn/Pink Dragon 2 in 1 Soft Plush Toy

We've got quite a few different combinations available on our website. Why not head on over to the Flip a Zoo brand page to see if any are to you or your child's liking? We've got labradors, cats, even unicorns and dragons, too!

Barbie Dreamtopia Crayola Magic Mermaid Doll

Add a little Crayola magic to this Dreamtopia Barbie's style! This doll playset is perfect for creative kids who like to add a personal touch to their toys! Alongside this mermaid doll are several Crayola markers, a tiara accessory and a special rainbow wipe that erases the marker when paired with warm water.

Barbie GCG67 Dreamtopia Magic Mermaid Doll

So, there you have it! Five suggestions for in demand toys that are sure to be a hit with kids and the whole family! Are there any other toys that have allowed you to bond with your children during the pandemic in the UK? Let us know on social media or right here in the comments section! Thank you for reading and from everyone at Maqio Toys, have a wonderful day!

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