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5 Best Toy Advent Calendars to get your little ones thrilled for Christmas 2020

5 Best Toy Advent Calendars to get your little ones thrilled for Christmas 2020

5 Best Toy Advent Calendars to get your little ones thrilled for Christmas 2020

December 25, without a doubt, is one of the most magical days of the year and all children are anticipating that date too – Santa is coming! For these reasons (and many more), people are using Christmas advent calendars to count down the days. There are a variety of advent calendars and we are going to present you with 5 best toy advent calendars that are worth your money and all kids will love it.


Toy Story Advent Calendar

Enjoy your countdown to Christmas with this amazing Toy Story 4 advent calendar! Behind each door awaits a fun Toy Story figure, stickers, or an accessory. Complete your set by opening each door between the 1st to the 24th December! There is even an extra special figure waiting behind door #24!


LEGO Advent Calendar

This classic Lego Star Wars advent calendar puts your favourite characters and ships in a more festive light. Hidden behind each door is a unique minifigure for you to collect, making this calendar an awesome piece for collectors of all things Star Wars. Also includes two unique and exclusive holiday-themed minifigures!


Barbie Fashion Doll Advent Calendar

Celebrate the holidays in signature style with this Barbie advent calendar! Depicting a festive background with a modern look and sparkling print, children will love opening a compartment each day for 24 days. With fab fashion, cool accessories and even a gift, children will love playing out Barbie doll's busy holiday schedule where anything is possible. And in the 24th compartment, they'll find an accessory they can wear to look festive too!


Playmobil Advent Calendar

The Playmobil Horse Farm Advent Calendar is the perfect way to count down to Christmas! As each of the 24 doors is opened the Horse Farm scene is slowly revealed showing the Playmobil horses and trainer teaching the children how to ride. While the tutor cares lovingly for the small foal of her horse, the girls adorn the two ponies with pretty flowers. The cute Pony foal is playing happily with the two cats. The set comes complete with fencing to keep the horses safe, food, farm creatures, five horses, 3 Playmobil figures and lots of accessories.


Aquabeads Advent Calendar

Get into the Christmas spirit with this Aquabeads Advent Calendar, with fifteen festive template designs as well as string to make them into Christmas ornaments and a winter themed background and bead stand to create your own winter wonderland.


Start your Christmas countdown with Christmas toy advent calendars for the ultimate festive treat for your little ones. You will find LEGO, Toy Story and even Barbie. It is never too late to get one now. Why not shop for toy advent calendars now?

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