How to Get Cheap Christmas Shopping Online with Maqio & Clearpay
How to Get Cheap Christmas Gifts - Christmas Shopping Online with Maqio

How to Get Cheap Christmas Gifts - Christmas Shopping Online with Maqio

How to Get Cheap Christmas Gifts - Christmas Shopping Online with Maqio

Here at Maqio Toys, we understand that Christmas shopping in 2020 might be a bit tighter on the wallet than usual. This is why we're trying harder than ever to deliver the toys and games you need this Christmas at unbeatable prices.

Looking for cheap Christmas gifts will be more of a priority than usual for many working families, especially for those who have had to go on furlough or been made redundant because of UK lockdowns.

In such cases, we're here to help with the following collection of tips for saving money this Christmas. We'll also be detailing cheap Christmas gift ideas, and how our Clearpay integration could give you peace of mind when working through your Christmas shopping list with Maqio.

Cheap Christmas Gifts for Kids

To help relieve some stress this Christmas on our customers and their wallet, we've put together some vital sections on our website allowing you to browse your ideal price ranges for Christmas gifts this year.

For example, our £5 and under section is perfect for all your stocking filling needs. We even put a blog post together showing off some of our recommendations for stocking fillers. On our Under £5 page, we've got hundreds of fantastic bargains on toys and games from many different brands like Lego, Barbie, Playmobil and many more. For Christmas shopping on a budget, we highly recommend starting here.

We also have dedicated sections for more expensive toys with more robust features. More incredible toy deals can be found in our £15 and under selection, alongside our pages for toys at £30 and under and £50 and under. However, we understand that these higher prices may not be achievable by everyone this year. That's why we want to talk to you about Clearpay.

What is Clearpay?

Clearpay is a "buy now, pay later" service that's integrated with several high street giants such as Marks & Spencer, Topshop, Zavvi and now us too! Of course, "buy now, pay later" schemes can have something of a stigma surrounding them. But we're here to explain why Clearpay is different and better.

When you make your purchase via the Clearpay option, your payment is split into four separate instalments. The first instalment is taken at the time of purchase, and the rest once every two weeks after that.

In essence, this divides the cost of potentially more expensive toys and games to be something much more affordable. Clearpay also operates on a zero interest policy. You will only ever be charged an extra fee if payments are made late.

Let's see Clearpay in action to give you a better idea of what to expect. The subject of our example will be this stunning Barbie Signature 60th Anniversary Collector's Doll.

Normally, this would be a pricey doll, even more so without our existing discount. As you can see in the image above, the doll would normally cost £39.99 in an upfront payment. However, with Clearpay, the cost is split fourfold. As such, the buyer will pay £10 every two weeks across four interest-free payments.

So, if you feel like you have to tighten your belt this Christmas, consider shopping with us and Clearpay. We even have guaranteed delivery before Christmas across the UK if you order by the 21st December! Thank you for reading, and if you do choose to shop with Maqio Toys, we thank you and hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us!

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