Christmas Shopping Made Easy - Our Christmas Present Suggestions for Kids in 2020

Christmas Shopping Made Easy - Our Christmas Present Suggestions for Kids in 2020

Christmas Shopping Made Easy - Our Christmas Present Suggestions for Kids in 2020

At Maqio, we know how daunting Christmas shopping can be, especially when it comes to buying for your children. Not everyone is fortunate enough to splash out on multiple expensive Christmas presents, particularly if there is more than one child in the house. With that in mind, it can be difficult to provide an affordable and robust selection of presents to make kids happy on Christmas day.

That's where we come in. Maqio believes Christmas should be a joyous time for everyone, and we cherish making our customers happy with a stress free Christmas shopping experience, especially with 2020 being as difficult a year as it has been for families across the UK.

We've rounded up a diverse range of gift ideas that can be purchased right here at Maqio Toys for hassle-free Christmas shopping at unbeatable prices. From stocking fillers to show stoppers, we're confident that the following list will have something for everyone.

Stocking fillers

These toys and games may not be the main event this Christmas, but they're perfect for filling up your stockings, and are all available for less than a fiver right here on our website!

Smooshy Mushy Squishy Toys

Smooshy Mushy blind bags are some of the cutest little toys around. Each of these soft squishy toys is lovingly packed in a themed container, like these Frozen Delights cups from Series 3, as an example. But what's inside, you may ask?

smooshy mushy season 3 frozen delights

Each Smooshy Mushy toy includes the aforementioned adorable squishy toy, a miniature squishy friend, a sticker and an accessory. Which toy is in each pack? That's part of the magic of Smooshy Mushy - you won't know who you'll get until you open it up and discover it for yourself! This makes these toys an exciting early Christmas surprise before moving on to the main events!

Hot Wheels Diecast Vehicles

Kids and adults both love Hot Wheels. With literally thousands of different designs, makes and models, it's easy to see why Hot Wheels collecting can become a very addictive hobby. Perhaps said collection could even start in a stocking...

hot wheels cars picked at random

If your child loves Hot Wheels, we suggest looking no further than our random car listing. At £1.49 each, it's a fantastic way of obtaining lots of different types of Hot Wheels diecast vehicles at an incredibly low price point.You may even get some that are difficult to find elsewhere!

Perplexus Mini Spiral Puzzle Game

Perplexus is a marvelous little puzzle game that's actually fun for adults as well as kids. Your goal is to roll the ball from the start of the maze to the end. Easier said than done, as you can imagine! Still, it's a great way to pass the time, especially when others are opening presents!

perplexus mini spiral puzzle game

We recommend the Mini Spiral as the slightly easier puzzle out of the two available. This is a fantastic stocking filler for kids who love brain teasers and thinking outside the box!

That wraps up our selection of stocking filler recommendations. For even more ideas, we have a dedicated stocking filler section on our website for December!

Presents for Everyone!

Stockings do wonders for really getting everyone into that familiar Christmas mood. But when it's too big for a stocking, it's time to turn to the tree! Now that we've got your stocking fillers covered and out of the way, the following will be our recommendations for toys that will make your child happy well into next year!

Teksta Newborn Robotic Jumping Puppy

teksta electronic puppy

This small robotic puppy is equal parts adorable and intelligent! This energetic electronic pet will delight children with its ability to learn tricks and songs. Kids can even program their Teksta pup to learn specific things. It's hours upon hours of fun at such a low price, especially if your child gets invested in caring for their electronic puppy!

DropMix Music System

DropMix is sure to bring the party alive over the Christmas period! This musical party game from Harmonix (creators of Fuser, Guitar Hero and Rock Band) is perfect fun for the whole family. The aim is to "drop" music sample cards that alter the song playing in the background. Doing this, you can create your own music!

dropmix music system

The DropMix pack we offer is currently at an incredible discount. It includes the central music system, a playlist pack, and two discovery packs loaded with sample cards! It's sure to be hours of fun on Christmas day and beyond!

Creatable World

Creatable World dolls are perfect for kids who love doll playsets, but would maybe like something a bit different from the Barbies and Enchantimals of the world.

Each Creatable World doll playset not only includes a doll, but several choices of clothing and hairstyles, allowing kids to create a style all their own. We love the options offered by all Creatable World dolls, and strongly believe they will make a superb gift for kids of all kinds.

creatable world doll

Season's Greetings from Maqio

We hope you've enjoyed looking at our recommendations for Christmas presents and stocking fillers for 2020. Be sure to check out the product pages for each of these, and remember, we've got so much more on offer at fantastic bargain prices over on our Christmas sale section!

From everyone here at Maqio Toys, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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