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Top 10 Toys of the 1980's

by Grace Wood 05 May 2021 0 Comments
Top 10 Toys of the 1980's

Some of you may have grown up in the 80s or raised your kids through the decade. If you did, you probably remember the iconic toys of the time very well, like Cabbage Patch Kids, My Little Pony, Mr. Potato Head and so much more. Feeling nostalgic yet? Get ready to walk down memory lane, as we recall the top ten toys from the 80s.


Retro Tranformer

In 1984 we were introduced to some of the most beloved robotic characters that are still popular today; Those toys were Transformers. Long before we had Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox’s version smashed onto cinema screens, Transformer toys were certainly “more then meets the eye”. These fantastic robots would transform into cars, trucks, weapons and so much more. And just like any iconic 80s toys, they had their very own tv show.

Star Wars Figures

Star Wars Figures

The first Star Wars movie was released and wowed audiences in 1977, with The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi released soon after. With the full trilogy out by 1980, Star Wars figurines were demanded by almost every child at the time.

My Little Pony

My Little Pony Dolls

Magical ponies with colourful brushable hair, cutie marks and accessories, what more could a little kid ask for. My Little Pony revolutionised the doll industry, no one had every made a pony doll before and to everyone’s surprise, it was a massive hit. The love for these colourful equestrian dolls has continued to this day, with their loyal following proudly accepting the name Bronies and Pegasisters.

Care Bears

Care Bears

Starring in their own tv show and three different movies, these multicoloured bears represented concepts like love, friendship, cheer and so much more. The fuzzy lovable Care Bears are cherished by all who grew up in the 80s.

Mr. Potato Head

Mr Potato Head

The original Mr. Potato Head was from the 1950s and was a handful of plastic pieces that you stuck into a real potato. Eventually, after a few pricked fingers, government regulation was brought in and Mr. Potato Head had to evolve. By 1985, the creative toy was a favourite among kids in the form we now love. He even starred in Toy Story in 1995.

He-Man & Masters of the Universe Figures


Characters from He-Man and Masters of the Universe were some of the most in-demand action figures from this decade, the animated tv show was also one of the most popular shows out at the time. Many of the classic He-Man figures from the 80s are now worth hundreds of pounds and ones in good condition could even bring in thousands.



 Creating your very own masterpiece by fiddling with the white knobs and watching it come to lif within that red, plastic frame; Unless you were like me and only ever managed to make a few squiggles, I perfected the frustrated shake to clear.

Magic 8 Ball

Magic 8 Ball

The all-knowing 8 Ball has been answering all the burning questions of kids and teens since 1950. Modelled after a device used by an authentic psychic, does that mean it was telling the truth about your high school crush? We will never know.

Nintendo Game Boy

Game Boy

Released six months before the beginning of the 90s, the Game Boy was a juggernaut of the toy industry for years. Nintendo sold 40,000 units on the very first day of sale. Road trip and rainy days inside were forever changed came with revolutionary technology.

Barbie & the Rockers

Barbie Rockers

 Barbie went through a major make-over in the 80s, she went from ballerina or princess to a glam rocker. The Barbie of the 80s starred in her very own movie, Barbie and the Rockers: Out of This World, featuring rock concert held in outer space and led by the glam rocker star herself Barbie.

We hope this nostalgic trip down memory lane had you remembering your favourite 80s toys fondly. Maqio loves Retro Toys from eras past and want to know what your favourite retro toy is. Is it from the 80s? Or do you have another favourite decade for toys? Tell us in the comments below.

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