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Hot Wheels Unleashed Reveals First Gameplay Trailer

Hot Wheels Unleashed Reveals First Gameplay Trailer

Hot Wheels Unleashed Reveals First Gameplay Trailer

Hot Wheels Unleashed revealed its newest trailer this week. The latest footage offers Hot Wheels fans their first look at the in-game visuals and the action-packed gameplay of the upcoming title, which is set to be released Autumn 2021.

The fast-paced racing game is based on the Mattel toys of the same name and was initially revealed with an intense cinematic trailer jus a few months ago. The first trailer for Hot Wheels Unleashed showcased plenty of boosting, bashing and crashing action, but the latest trailer gives eager fans an idea of what playing the game will look like.

The gameplay video is approximately two minutes long, set in a garage, this is one of six epic an “beautifully detailed” tracks players will get to pick from. Many features of the game will be familiar to Hot Wheels fans; like the bright orange track, fantastical racing car designs and complex turns and loops, all of which can be seen on the detailed mini map in the corner.

Confidently presenting itself as an arcade racer, gamers will quickly notice features like a boost gauge that refills over time and arrowed speed strips to offer boosts as you zoom around the track. However, the track is definitely not without it’s difficulties, the gameplay has plenty of vehicles skidding and crashing into one another and the slip hazards are something to watch out for.

The Maqio Team cannot wait for Hot Wheels Unleashed and think it looks like a lot of fun, it is to be released in the UK September 30th for PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Are you excited for the new Hot Wheels video game? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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