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Christmas Toy Predictions of 2021

Christmas Toy Predictions of 2021

Christmas Toy Predictions of 2021

It may seem too early to think about, but Christmas 2021 will be here before you know it and for many of us, Christmas is a favourite time of year. This is even more true for the younger of the family, eagerly awaiting the sound of sleigh bell and the rustling of wrapping paper. To help keep those eager and excited kids happy all year round, we have put together a list of popular toys we predict will be a hit Christmas 2021. We have made sure we have included toys and games that will entertain and excite the entire family.

Pet Toys

Young kids love to interact with their toys like they are alive; That is why electronic animals and pets are always popular with children. Any cute toys from FurReal Friends are a sure-fire way to have happy children Christmas morning. And for the kids who want a little more scare with their pets, the Fingerlings Untamed Dinos will be their new best friend once it’s unwrapped. One of our top toy trends predictions for Christmas 2021 is Juno My Baby Elephant, with her expressive eyes animated trunk is such a cute interactive toy and her personality shines the more you play with her. Any child would love Juno as a gift under the tree this year.


Doll will always be an essential at Christmas, but 2021 is set to have the biggest doll range yet. Barbie has dolls and playsets with such a wide array pf designs, there is sure to be one to suit every child. Candylocks dolls are a super cute and contemporary with unique scented hair that will wow your little one on Christmas day. Maqio’s top doll prediction for Christmas 2021 will have to be My Little Pony Rainbow Wings Twilight Sparkle Doll. This eight-inch doll has a light up horn and flapping rainbow wings and a combe for you little one to brush her lovely mane too.

Collectible Toys

Kids cannot get enough of collectible toys and they are such a good choice for Christmas. Funko figures are a great collectible for any age with so many characters from almost every tv, movie or game to choose from. Hatchimals keep growing and growing in popularity and kids love hatching the eggs to find their surprise figure inside. Our must have collectible toy for Christmas 2021 is Floofies, with their soft plush fur, pastel colours your child won’t be able to resist wanting all twelve.

Action Toys

Action figure or playsets are always going to under the tree at Christmas time, and with so much choice, it can be difficult to find the right one for your child. From Fisher Price Go-Jetters playsets to Transformers figures the options are endless. Maqio’s top action playset for Christmas 2021 will be the StikBot Castle Movie Studio Set. With kids spending more time inside than ever before, it is essential they have creative outlets. This studio playset can help your child grow their interest in all the interesting aspects of movie making, making this a toy that will keep the kids entertained well past the Christmas holidays.

Construction Toys

Toys to build are a great way of getting your little one thinking outside the box. Lego playsets are hours and hours of fun, and with playsets inspire by iconic movies and franchises there will be something for everyone. But for our top toy trend prediction for constructions toy this Christmas is the Mega Bloks Big Building Bag. These blocks are suitable for ages 1 and up which makes them a great communal gift for all the kids to play with.

Board Games

Board games are perfect for getting the entire family having fun together, and the board game selection just keeps getting better and better. The biggest contender for board Games now would be Monopoly. Monopoly seem to have themes for everything from Disney Princess to Millennials. That is why are pick for Christmas 2021 is Monopoly Frozen 2. Every Frozen fan is going to want this and want to play this version of Monopoly, so be sure to get it while it’s available.

We hope you found our toy trend for Christmas 2021 useful. Has this helped inspire your gift ideas this year? What are the must have toys for your child this year? Tell us in the comments below

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