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YouTubers Dude Perfect Create Insane Hot Wheels Track

YouTubers Dude Perfect Create Insane Hot Wheels Track

YouTubers Dude Perfect Create Insane Hot Wheels Track

“Welcome guys, to the ride of your life” is the opening statement made by Garrett Hilbert, the creator of the YouTube channel, Dude Perfect just before we are sent flying down a Hot Wheels track that is probably 100 times longer than any track you’ve seen before.


If you don’t know, the Dude Perfect YouTube channel is ran by five guys from Texas who capture unbelievable trick shots and sports related stunts and have gained over 55 million subscribers. Their latest video, Toy Trick Shots, they have created an all-mighty Hot Wheels track that is going to be hard to beat! The guys created a Rube Goldberg machine that eventually nudges a golf ball into its hole. The Dude Perfect gang attached a camera to the top of the Hot Wheels cars so you are in the thick of the action in a point of view shot; clearing jumps, nailing flips, loops, going through tunnels, knocking down dominoes and even speeding through water, while a number of Hot Wheels cars tag team the entire course.

While this isn’t officially the longest continuous Hot Wheels track in the world, that belongs to the Fitzy & Wippa Show in Sydney, Australia who set the record with 820 yards and one car last August and was recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records. The previous record was set by 2018 NASCAR Cup Series champion, Joey Logano, he had his track weave in and out of his impressive vehicle collection that included a DeLorean DMC12, a 1972 Ford Econoline and a 2017 Ford GT.

The rest of the video is filled with more toy trick shots, and even though the guys use everyday toys and games, the tricks they pull off are not as simple as you may think. Like using projectiles to pop balloons, knocking pins over with yoyos and spinning tops, and using the awesome Buzz Lightyear Rapid Disc Bracelet Blaster to shoot down the aliens from Toy Story.

If your looking for fun, clean content for the kids to enjoy, Dude Perfect is great for keeping them entertained. It may even inspire them to get active and create their very own awesome stunts! What do you think of Dude Perfect’s Hot Wheels track? Has it made you want to make your own? Tell us what you think in the comments

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